Intuitive Healing Classes

If you’re thinking about applying for the class NOW is the time.  I still have openings and it promises to be a great, FUN, and challenging learning experience!  Below are the application questions. You can copy and paste them into an email to:

(The secret to the application is to realize I am not looking for ‘top achievers’ in the form of society’s view of successful.  I am looking for people like YOU, people who are willing and able to self reflect, to consider facts no matter how ‘different’ they seem and to absolutely ACCEPT the TRUTH that success in this world means we NEVER STOP LEARNING and we NEVER KNOW IT ALL.

So answer the questions with YOUR truth, your thoughts, your observations and musings and hypotheses.  You cannot be wrong if you can challenge yourself to do that.

P.S. Be sure and let me know what TIMES, DAYS and LOCATIONS work best for you. I run things by team vote so I will set the classes to accommodate students as well as myself.

For more info on Intuitive Healing and what it has cured see my website:  & look under Services and Testimonials.  There’s also information on my Facebook page:

See you soon!


Intuitive Healing CURES!

Intuitive Healing CURES!




Application Form







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Circle Best Days: Mon. Tue. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.


Best times: Mornings Afternoons Evenings



Please answer the following using additional paper if needed:


  1. Describe your skills/experience with energy or spiritual work.

  2. What would you say is/are your BEST senses?

  3. What is your personal motivation for taking this course?

  4. What is your professional/community motivation for taking this course?

  5. List or describe any other skills, interests, experiences, or abilities that you bring to this course.

  6. Describe your personal views on spirituality/religion/science/the universe and your role in it.



Preregistration fee of $200 is payable via PayPal to or by check to: Tolley Thompson


This fee will be refunded minus $50 if you are unable to attend the first class.


The balance of $200 will be due at the first class.




New Intuitive Healing Classes Forming in Hampton Roads, VA

Intuitive Healing


Tolley Thompson

Clear Mirror Healing

Intuitive Healing is a unique form of non-invasive, whole person treatment that has been shown to CURE those diseases and disorders considered “incurable” by western medicine. The results are real, tangible, and measurable. The techniques have been developed through more than 15 years of intensive training in Medical School, Naturopathic Healing, Psychology and counseling, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Massage, Master Reiki, Shamanic Healing, world travel, languages, and teaching. This intensive course is the first of its kind. The key to your success with this course is your dedication and determination to heal a community in health crisis. I will support your every effort.

Intuitive Healing WORKS!

Intuitive Healing WORKS!

Classes include:

    • First Do No Harm – to Yourself and Others

    • The Physical Body- Living Anatomy & Physiology

    • The Emotional Body – Intense chemical signals and their lasting impact

    • The Sexual Body – the Most powerful and Most Fragile body

    • The Spiritual Body – Building Unity through compassion and consensus

    • Other Bodies – Worlds within Worlds

    • Communication with the bodies – Listening and understanding

    • The Humility of Real Healing – Learning is never complete

    • Healing the Healer- personal grounding and protection

Classes Begin November 2013. Times & Days to be determined by consensus following registration

5 Classes of 2 hours each: cost $400 per student

Classes will be limited to 10 students to ensure quality personal attention to all.

Applications may be submitted online, by emailing request to:

For more information and Testimonies on Intuitive Healing please see: