What Does it Mean to be Psychic?

Recently I had a friend ask me about my psychic abilities.  He wanted to know how it works, what you can know, and what I’ve used it for.  I thought the answers might be fun and interesting to share.

How does it work?
Well now that is a question with several different meanings. Since I’m a literal, sciencey person, I’m going to answer it that way.
we see....bee see

we see….bee see

It works the very same way your 5 senses work. Only it’s like the senses are way more perceptive than average. So I can hear, see, smell, taste, and feel things that go way beyond the norm. To “normal” folks it seems I can see and hear things that “aren’t there” but actually they ARE There. The rest of you poor slobs just can’t detect them.
Its like the way they say dogs cannot see red. (what do you suppose they see instead??) Just because they don’t see it doesn’t mean Red isn’t there, does it?
Or they say bees can see a color called “bee violet” we can’t see it, except under ultraviolet light, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real, right?
mantis shrimp

mantis shrimp

Likewise, the Mantis Shrimp can see about 6 more colors than we can see.
Do those colors exist?? Even though we cannot see them?? Yes, of course.
Dogs and cats can smell (and see) emotions. Can you? Probably not.  But I can.
There is also a condition called synesthesia, in which people can feel colors and see music, and so on.
It is understood that such people have sensory neurons “crossed” somehow.  Still they are experiencing sensory phenomena that most of us don’t.
My point is simply that there is a very wide range of stuff out there that can be sensed. And there are animals and people who can sense more, or less of that range than others.
When humans are LESS sensitive than average, we just call them insensitive, or we call them more grounded, or we call them “realists” but basically this condition is accepted as “normal”, given approval and even praised.
While people with a greater range of sensory perception are subject to doubt, suspicion, and ridicule.  But that difference in value judgment is completely arbitrary.
So I’m one of the folks in the extreme end of things who is very sensitive. And I’ve spent my whole life being told I’m “too sensitive” or “crazy” or lying. And yet, I’ve found a way to make my extra sensitivity useful.
I imagine if you dissected my brain you might find I have more sensory neurons than most. But since sensory neurons are small and easily destroyed during dissection, not to mention quickly degraded and decomposed after death, to say nothing of the fact that I’m still using them and would really prefer NOT to be dissected yet, the chances are slim that it can be proven that way.  But it is real and it is consistent.
What dogs see

What dogs see

What you can know?

Now that’s a trick question. Because just as we know all about our world with our senses, these extended senses can pretty much be used to know anything.

That said, I do a whole lot better with issues of people, than things.  I’ve had people come to me for readings to help them find an old engagement ring or some heirloom, and what I see is they have a new relationship and their fixation on & nostalgia about that ring from their ex is causing jealousy and they’re better off letting it go, or they should have sold it long ago. Or with heirlooms I see how dysfunctional their family is…maybe has been for generations, and how the heirloom is keeping their deceased grandmother lingering and critically looking over their shoulder. Or something like that.

    People don’t always want to see those deeper truths. So usually I do a tarot reading to help them find the thing, because tarot is like looking through a spyglass.  You can’t see the whole picture, only a little section of it.  That’s usually all people want when they’re focused on objects.

    It’s funny, because when I was a little kid that’s how things started out. I used to use my psychic abilities to find my shoes or books for school when I was late. I also remember playing a game with friends in the church yard. I would close my eyes and see a vision of a certain spot in the grass. Then I would open my eyes and find that spot and there would be a little prize there, a tiny lost toy, or an especially beautiful stone, or a piece of jewelry. I would find a prize for each of my friends that way. It was fun.  I still use it around the house the same way to find things. My kids will come to me and just say, Mom, will you find my ________. And I have to stop what I’m doing and focus, ask them a couple questions, then tell them where to look. Sometimes I have to go look myself, and it’s always right there where I said but they couldn’t find it. But can’t all Moms sort of do that?

I think I’m actually searching my kids subconscious mind for the object. So I really try to train them to do it for themselves. If they chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo & close their eyes and relax for a moment, they can usually find it. They’ve used that to find lost pets many times too.

So I suspect that my difficulty with objects now is because I’m used to going much deeper, to more profound levels in my office. I use it to look into peoples bodies and find the original cause of illness or injury. Sometimes the cause is an emotional blow, or guilt over an abortion, grief over a stillborn child or a child who wants in but was never conceived. I can see how sexual assault has led to back problems. I can see the impact of relationships on their health, or how an old injury was never quiet healed and is making new problems. Or even how problems between their parents when they were still in the womb have caused developmental problems at birth.

I also see similar problems come through from past lives. Usually it’s something that happened just before death, or never got properly resolved, so its still lingering.

So with all that as my normal office focus, I guess it’s hard to shift my focus to a simple object. Or maybe it just bores me. Or maybe I get impatient and fed up with people spending so much of their lives and personal energy fixating on shiny objects while the things of real value, like children, relationships, spiritual exercise, learning and mental and emotional growth, or a good sex life, all get ignored, neglected and marginalized.

So, in general I can see/hear/sense anything that has happened in the past, this life or others, relationships with self and others, ones mission and reason for being here, special skills and abilities, physical and emotional trauma, and future to the extent that it has already been formed by causes we are creating now. I can see/sense spirit guides, deceased loved ones, and demons that are hanging around helping or affecting your life. The key for me is focus. I can sense SO much that I have to really focus to narrow it down. I tend to focus on the top most important things that can improve their true happiness.

When people ask for something in particular I usually have to ask a few questions just to get them to stir their thoughts around & then the key issues rise to the surface. Everyone kind of knows their own stuff, but we don’t always trust ourselves, or were afraid to admit things, or we hide them from ourselves, or we believe others who try to tell us its not true, or feed us a pack of lies and myths and convince us that “reality” is limited and rigid, talk us out of what is obvious to a child…and to us if we weren’t so deluded.

I can, of course, hear peoples thoughts, but only when they are actively thinking them, you know? And I’ve gotten very good at shutting that out so I can walk through crowds without going mad. Still it’s hard sometimes because people near and far thinking about me can get really noisy and irritating. So I have a need to be alone, or out in nature, or distract myself with a movie, book, or writing, OR I can dumb it down and disengage my brain by drinking alcohol…or certain foods. That has repercussions though so I use it sparingly.

train wreck

train wreck

I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, so if I see some negative event or effect in someone future, I always ask “What can he do to change that?” That’s pretty effective and satisfying. Except when the person is dead set on denial or blaming others, and often I can see that. Then if I can’t wake them up and help them take charge of their life, by making changes, I want to just distance myself from them because its  frustrating to work with.  And eventually that bad prediction will happen because they did nothing to stop it.  So for me its like watching a massive train wreck in slow motion.

That’s the same reason I won’t do readings for people unless they pay me.  When people are willing to pay they are usually willing to listen.  So there’s much less change I have to watch a gory train wreck in slow motion and pretend I can’t see it.

What have you used it for?

In my practice, I use my psychic ability primarily for healing.  The Quantum Healing I do allows me to look into patient’s bodies, see any problems and fix them by working with the body’s natural ability to heal. Most western medicine therapies work against the body’s own healing mechanisms and often create more problems than they solve.  For example, fever is the body’s way of killing infection.  So fevers should not be suppressed with aspirin or other NSAIDs.  Its better to bring it down naturally by soaking in a tepid bath.  Mucus whether its running from the nose or sinuses is the body’s way of flushing out bacteria, viruses or toxins.  So when we take something that stops the mucus it also stops the body from healing itself.  Scar tissue is like the body’s own surgery.  So when surgery results in scar tissue, more invasive surgery will probably NOT help.

I also use it in my counseling.  Sometimes people can’t quite put the root of their problem into words.  Or maybe they are embarrassed, ashamed, or in denial.  Or maybe they just don’t like talking about feelings and relationships.  So then I’ll use my psychic sense to listen between the lines, or psychically feel the right questions to ask.  Once we locate the root cause, it makes the counseling and hypnosis much more effective.  Hypnosis goes hand in hand with counseling because when you reach that moment in talk therapy where you say, “Ah, ha!  This is what I need to do differently!”  we can make that change happen almost over night.

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