About Clear Mirror Healing

Clear Mirror Healing is a new improved re-start of a similar business I had in New Orleans before The Katrina changed the face of the place. Now i’m back in my “hometown” of Newport News, VA catching up with dear friends from high school and starting life afresh. Clear Mirror Healing is where I do my best for YOU!  I offer hypnotherapy for simple easy mainstream things like weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety and stress relief, study skills, public speaking…any kind of demon that has been limiting you from being the amazing person you really are!

But it doesn’t stop there! I will go with you into past lives if you dare. I will help you engage your mighty, mighty mind and the unlimited power of your unconscious self to destroy cancer, break the chains of the past and free you in ways you can hardly imagine.  It’s not Me, I am your loyal guide and interpreter, I am merely the keeper of the keys to your amazing mind. I will unlock your doors, guide you along the way and hold your hand when you want it.  YOU my friend, are the magic worker here. You are more than you ever dreamed, more than you dared to believe and so much more than “they” would ever tell you.  I just happen to see through the facades and artificial limitations to the kingdom of YOU as you really are.

Hypnotherapy is only the beginning. There is so much more.  I will have to tell you about all the therapies I offer and all the tools in my kit for opening the doors to the real beautiful and powerful kingdom of YOU, my friend. There is so much to tell. Let’s go one step at a time, shall we?

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