Why the New Epidemics Require a New Immunity

The old paradigm for the immune system describes a war in which our immune systems build weaponry, fight, and destroy any incoming life forms. But that old analogy isn’t working in the face of so many new epidemics, like Ebola, SARS, and AIDS, to name just a few. In recent years many new forms of disease have emerged that seem to be mutating and becoming more virulent so rapidly that our old style immune systems cannot keep pace.

To understand why, consider what happens when a country is invaded by an enemy and goes to war on their own land. The outcome is rarely positive. Even if the invaded country can repel the invaders, the infrastructure, the economy, and the people of the country are left devastated & drained of resources. If a new enemy should suddenly invade at that time, the country will, no doubt, succumb to the revenges of war and go down.

Imagine this country is your body and the invading enemies are various forms of disease. If you should sustain an attack of flu this winter, you will have precious few resources left to defend yourself against Ebola. The future looks bleak.

Now consider, if you will, a different sort of paradigm. Suppose your immune system were the recruiters for a championship team. Suppose every newcomer was a potential new recruit. Instead of trying to kill these newcomers on sight, what if your body were meeting them, making introductions and then giving them a little job to do for the good of the team?

Those newcomers who learned the job well became new team members. Outfitted with the team shirt and cap, they are then asked to improve on the job they had just learned to do. Now the newcomers are teaching us how to run our bodies more efficiently and effectively. They are now a valued member of the team and have a vested interest in the well being of the whole. Rather than expending our limited resources waging war, we are increasing our resources and power with each new recruit who joins the team.

Wouldn’t that system work much better? Of course it would, you say, but that’s not the way the immune system functions. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. In the first place the “Us & Them” war mentality is just an old mental concept. We interpreted the function of our immune system in those terms because that was all our minds could understand at the time. Now we can begin to grasp a different paradigm.

Then there’s the second place. In the second place, everything we believe and conceive we are telling our bodies daily in our “self talk”. (see blog: Positive Self Talk) By indoctrinating our bodies into our belief system we convince them to operate the way we think they should. If we can begin to embrace a new paradigm, we can quite literally build a new immune system, an immune system that can survive epidemic after epidemic and actually come out stronger than before.

We are no longer faced with the impossible task of hiding from all exposure to microbes.  Rather than fearing exposure to new diseases we should be strengthening our overall constitution and then seeking out new microbe exposure.  A strong team starts with a strong liver, for processing toxins, strong kidneys for cleaning the blood, and a strong mental attitude of “Win-Win”.  There is no room for an outdated “Us & Them” philosophy.  There are no walls big enough or strong enough to keep “Them” out.  But with a process that integrates all newcomers into Team Us, there is a way to live in peace, both within our bodies and in the greater world at large.

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How to Build a New Winning Immunity

How to Build a New Winning Immunity


Ebola – Why You Should Do Something and How You Can

Its hard to know what to believe about Ebola, isn’t it?  There are lots of scholarly looking articles telling us why we should NOT worry about Ebola and just go about life as usual.   In some circles Ebola jokes have already begun.  In others they’re busy blaming the victims themselves. Some people are already panicking.  One thing is clear though, exactly NONE of these actions will protect any one of us from epidemic diseases like Ebola.  NONE will keep Ebola from becoming an epidemic here in the U.S.  And NONE will prepare us for the next potential, and yes, likely epidemic disease.  There is, however, clear action YOU, an individual can take to protect and prepare yourself and others from Ebola & other deadly diseases.  And guess what? It does NOT involve hiding from, running from, or avoiding viruses, bacteria, or other things we can’t see.

The truth is, Ebola should not be a threat to American citizens, right?  (READ:  I’m a Hazmat-Trained Hospital Worker:  Here’s What No One Is Telling You About Ebola   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/abby-norman/im-a-hazmat-trained-hospi_b_5998486.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592 )  We have clean water. We have information. We have a complex, technological and expensive health care system.  We have the means to educate ourselves. We practice proper hand-washing procedures. We have hazmat suits.  And we certainly have the money to keep Ebola at bay.

The BAD News

What we don’t have is:

  • good communication
  • a health care system that values preventative care
  • an equal playing field between nurses and physicians and allied health professionals and patients
  • a culture of health where we work with one another
  • the social culture of transparency
  • a stopgap against mounting hysteria and hypochondria
  • a nation of health literate individuals
  • We don’t even have health-literate professionals. (Most doctors are specialists and are well versed only in their field. Ask your orthopedist a general question about your health — see if they can comfortably answer it.)
  • We don’t have a cure – Or reason to expect one soon   (Read: Economics of Ebola  http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/08/25/ebolanomics )

We do, quite unfortunately, have flu season upon us-a time of year when we are normally braced for winter diseases, colds, flus, sick days and cancelled plans that could weaken our immunity and our systems.  What we do have is a health care system that is dysfunctional and in crisis.  We have already seen how easily the disease can spread to our shores and among our well-trained, well-protected top-notch health care workers.  What we do have is a series of wars in the Middle East that will encourage people escaping the disease to favor running to the West.  What we also have is a public who has become so used to “epidemic” scares that we feel immune, if not downright immortal.


Ready for The Good News?

YOU can do something – right NOW!  Download the infographic below, read it, follow it, pass it around.  Then Follow my blog here:  https://clearmirrorhealing.wordpress.com   (psst: You’re already here! “Follow” at the top of the page.)

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DON’T WORRY, DON’T PANIC, DO TAKE ACTION…… More Good News to come, folks!  

How to Build an Ebola Ready Immunity

How to Build an Ebola Ready Immunity