The Game FAQ

Here to go along with the Timelines Game (click this link: The Game ) are some Q&A from gamers.  Feel free to post or email/message/text me with any questions of your own day or night.

1) Firstly:  YES, The Game is real.  You are NOT going mad.  You can play the game in your sleep but at some level you will become conscious of your gaming.  If it rocks your world, please reach out!  I am very familiar with the flexible reality/time you may experience and can help you find grounding.     (, )

two realities

2) How can I reconcile the two realities?
Part of the work of timelines is to experiment with possible solutions. So once you find some strategies that work out well they get woven in to Real Time…the tricky thing is that they can be woven into past present or future. I’m actually discovering that the wise voice that pulled me thru difficult times in my past was ME now(!), going back to me of the past and whispering the encouragement or reassurance or insight that I needed then. That’s a bit mind-blowing. But also very comforting.
So that’s me taking your question “reconcile” literally.
3) If you mean, how to keep myself from losing touch with THIS reality?
I’d say, write yourself notes, post-its on your mirror or texts to self on your cell. Telling others (like me) also helps. Shoot! just hearing yourself say it out loud helps you pick good sense out of the confusion. But be sure NOT to write down or tell too many folks bits that don’t work out for the best. Other people acknowledging your experiences also anchors it in their timeline, their reality…and makes it harder to eliminate from Real Time.
Example: I actually found a major cause for Hitler’s genocide in WWII and could have eliminated it. But since so many people remember & it’s recorded in history, it can’t be changed much. Imagine my disappointment and frustration?
So, mostly tell the parts you want to keep, those moves that produce good results without hurting others. You can tell me anything because I’m used to the reality-time shifts.
Angels, guides, team

Angels, guides, team

4) Do you believe in asking spirit guides, angels, etc for help? 
Yes, I do it all the time. They are real people too.  BUT please keep in mind that YOU (humans) are the most powerful of all such beings. Everyone needs friends and team for sure. Just be careful not to slip into worship or reaching outside yourself believing others are more capable. They are friends & equals who are not as bounded by time as humans. But they are just as capable of being wrong, jealous, mischievous or even evil…just as other humans are. Rely on YOUR OWN judgment and check things for accuracy. 
5) What are your thoughts on how free will plays into our paths we are walking?
Excellent question!
A world of real peace is only possible in a world of free choice, free thinkers, and self-determination. So you ARE making your choices using the timelines. The limiting factor, of course, is other people and their choices. Which, again, gets into how and when the experimental timelines get woven together into the path called Real Time. The great advantage of timelines as a semiconscious game, is that we can experiment and learn without hurting others. And once we chose our best paths we can eliminate or “forget” those things that hurt us too much.
 6) What if I get stuck in a loop?
It’s worth noting:  Doing harm whether intentional or not (ie evil) as a human is very damaging to your personal power. (It’s damaging to everyone but especially dangerous as a human.) You can actually destroy any good fortune you must have accumulated in order to be born human by repeating actions and strategies that cause harm to self or others.  Let’s face it – everyone makes mistakes.  Mistakes are the proof that you are trying NEW things & NEW strategies.  BUT mistakes are your best lessons only IF you learn from them & stop doing dumb destructive stuff.  Don’t get so proud or arrogant that you can’t laugh at your own mistakes, learn from everyone you encounter, pick yourself and your bruised ego up and try something new.  And NO MATTER WHAT do NOT fall into the mentality of “but that’s what we’ve always done.”  That, my friend, is the theme song of evil.
So, if you’re stuck in a loop on the Timelines, it’s because you’ve fallen into the pattern of repeating a strategy or action that is NOT producing results to move you forward.  No matter HOW “right” it seems or how many people advise or endorse that pattern…you are proving to YOURSELF that it’s a nonsense strategy.  It will NOT ever produce the results you want.  If you stay in that loop its like beating your head against a wall..or actually like getting caught in a “hole” in whitewater rafting terms.  You can literally die being battered against those rocks.  So, stop, step out of the pattern, gather resources and come up with a new plan or strategy.  Then engrave upon your heart, mind and psyche, DO NOT TRY THAT AGAIN!  and move on.

7) I read in one of your blogs how you can sometimes see a potential train wreck coming.  I hope you would tell me to jump off the tracks if this is one of those times? Or maybe that is what you are already doing?
   I think you’re handling this very well. I don’t see any big train wrecks for you. Just my cautions about keeping “one foot on the floor” …ie making notes and talking to others to keep from losing track of what matters for day-to-day functioning. Sleep, wash self, eat, work..repeat.
8)  What are the order of levels (worlds) within each level?
Hell, Hunger, Anger, Animality, Humanity, Heaven, Learning, Realization, Bodhisattva, Enlightenment.
Each has its own set of challenges.  But the learning is key.  And the learning is different depending on which numbered Level you are in.
Hell = suffering (mostly of your own creation) Clearly, a good place to learn to STOP creating your own hell.
Hunger = desire or greed or neediness…And learning how to delay gratification and use desire to drive accomplishments.
Anger = you know…Important to avoid, but more important to process it, vent it, use it as a drive to take appropriate action.  On higher levels your anger may not be over petty annoyances, but over injustice suffered by other people.
Animality = the state in which you kiss up to folks you perceive as “more powerful” and bully those you see as “less powerful” like a dog-eat-dog world.  It’s a good place to learn about what real power is & how to handle it too.
Humanity = getting along socially with others, usually pretty easy-going.  But it’s also a great place to learn social skills as well as sort out social norms and values that don’t make sense.
Heaven = Joy…not true and lasting happiness, but the experience of joy.  How to handle winning, applause, praise & compliments…without becoming arrogant or getting blown away is learned here.
Learning = the formal act of seeking answers, better solutions, study, etc.  This level is a lot of fun.  But you won’t really anchor the learning without going to the next level…
Realization = This is where the rubber meets the road!  Where you apply your learning to your life or experiment with the things you’ve learned while creating even better strategies and processes.
Bodhisattva = Can I say the rubber and road thing again?  ok, no…this is where you really build team.  You share your learning and realization and/or help others to solve their problems based on what you’ve learned, and even help others to reach the level where you are so you can go on from here as partners or team mates!
Enlightenment = Here all the many levels of learning come together.  You and your team have time to discuss and reflect and celebrate.  From here you can move to the next set of learning (Level 2,3,4…) or you can choose to help more people in the Bodhisattva level as long as you like.  On the higher levels you can also cross into other people’s timelines from here.
8) What if I FAIL?
Actually, the Timelines are self-limiting and adapt to the learner so that you cannot really “fail” you can only get stuck until you wise up and choose to learn and move forward. Like all good games, if you screw up on one level you will drop back a level or two and have to work your way up again.  Everyone generally starts on Level One.  But you can screw it up and drop down to Kindergarten.  Each level has ten levels within it…beginning with Hell.
So, while Kindergarten Hell can suck, it’s also absurd and comical enough that you learn to laugh at your own mistakes real fast…and usually remember those lessons well.  Once, some ne’er-do-well’s created or found what they called the “back door to hell” but it turns out they were landing in Real Time in an actual place where people act like kindergarteners from Hell even though they think they’re all grown up.  People there actually justify their insane non-functional behavior by saying, “But, that’s the way we’ve always done it.” and if you point out, “And it’s NEVER worked.” they will only laugh and keep doing it the dumb way.  As you might imagine, there is a lot of drug and alcohol abuse there, a lot of crime and violence, and a lot of misery and suffering.  Sadly, you CAN actually burn out your life force and cease to exist if you stay there and embrace that way of “life”.
So, DON’T.  Learn and level up. Don’t be a dummy. That’s what the Game is for and about!

How Hypnosis Works for YOU

There are a lot of different opinions about hypnosis and how it works. I’ve even heard people say they “don’t believe” in hypnosis or they think hypnosis is somehow evil or forbidden by God. That really is a shame. Because hypnosis is really just working together with your mind to be more successful and happy in life. If God made your brain then I’m sure he or she wants you to use it to the best of your ability. Especially, if that means self control, a clear moral code and making the world a better place. Moreover, there is a good bit of evidence that the deep Unconscious in all of us actually taps into the Mind of God, or Universal Consciousness….where the best decisions are made. So how can that be bad?

Click here to see!

With 20+ years of experience and certifications from four different schools of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, including NLP, personal coaching, and counseling, as well as psychology and neurosciences, I think I can be considered something of an expert. I’d like to dispel some of the myths and explain how hypnosis really works. After-all, its NOT me, the hypnotherapist, getting control of your mind. (Believe me, I have trouble controlling my OWN mind, just like everyone else!!) The hypnotherapist is just the guide and interpreter. What its really about is YOU getting control of YOU. Or more precisely, its about YOU working together with your subconscious and unconscious minds. Forming a real TEAM (I call it Team YOU) with the parts of yourself. By clearing up communication and misunderstandings with the other-than-conscious parts of Team You, life gets easier, more fun, and more successful. If you go through life white-knuckling the ball instead of passing to your team mates, life can get more and more stressful and you feel more and more out of control. But by meeting and working with your Team, passing that ball and letting your team help you solve problems, life is good! And its getting better and better every day!!

Hypnosis is a bit mysterious to most people (even some hypnotherapists!) but I find that folks get their best results when they understand the process a bit and can work with me. 
For all that the results of hypnotherapy feel pretty magical, it is NOT magic, it is actually applied psychology. And the amazing effects are not due to ME controlling your mind, but due to the amazing power of YOUR own subconscious and unconscious mind.  So let me start there.

We have three minds but only one brain.
1) Conscious Mind – this is the part we all call “Me”.  And when you’re focused or paying attention that is conscious you.  Conscious you is the captain of Team You.  As such conscious you does the big heavy duty decision making, managing emotions, learning cultural norms and understanding values and differences.

2) Subconscious Mind – this is like your personal assistant or your best friend who always has your back and helps you out with routine tasks, practiced patterns and behaviors, multitasking and other details so that conscious YOU can relax and enjoy life more.  Your subconscious can be trained and re-trained to be more efficient and more helpful using hypnosis. 

Best Example: Of subconscious you working for conscious you is driving a car.  When we first learned to drive it was very taxing and confusing because we had to do 10-12 different tasks at once and stay alert tom many signs and signals.  It was so much at once we all felt like the hair on the back of our necks was standing up, our eyes were wide open and if someone tried to talk too much we just wanted to yell, “Shut up! I’m driving here!”  Then about 1-2 years later we found we were getting in the car, still doing 10-12 things at once, but now we were bored….so we turn on the radio…we drink a coffee or coke…talk to a passenger….god forbid we use the cell phone! 
But if you stop to think for a moment, you could sit there right where you are, listen to some music, enjoy a drink, and talk on the phone….and you’d be BUSY!  Sitting still in your chair!  So…..someone else is driving your car now.  And that someone else is Your Subconscious!

Now, the nice thing is your subconscious drives much better than you do, because your Subconscious can multitask much better.  It can handle many more tasks at once than conscious YOU.  But your Subconscious doesn’t do the value judgments and real-time decision making.  So, if something requires that kind of decision, Subconscious passes the whole ball game back to Conscious YOU.

    That’s what happens even today if a car suddenly pulls out in front of you unexpected.  Suddenly, the hair stands up on the back of your neck, your eyes go wide, you throw your coffee in the air and yell, “Shut up! I’m driving here!” …..all over again you have that feeling you had back in high school when you were first learning to drive.  The noise from the radio is just too much and you want silence.
As it turns out, that’s the way it always feels when you drive using your conscious mind.  When you drive with your Subconscious you feel like you’re “in the zone” relaxed, easy going, enjoying life.

3) Unconscious Mind – This is the part that’s well below the radar.  By definition, we are UNCONSCIOUS of most of its activities.  The Unconscious controls the beating of your heart, the rythmic action of breathing, healing and renewing every cell, system, and organ of your body.  Clearly, conscious YOU can interact with the Unconscious, by say, holding your breath.  But mostly your unconscious is like a benevolent Big Brother or Sister who takes care of the basics of living for you. 

Work WITH your Team!

Work WITH your Team!

The unconscious is also keeps all the memories.  Things you think you didn’t learn in school, past lives, details you think you’ve forgotten, its all there in the Unconscious memory stores.  And Unconscious memory is vast and unlimited.
By contrast, conscious memory is very limited.  Conscious memory is like a little table by the door.  You come home each day and you put your keys and your mail there, maybe some pocket change.  That’s what its for, conscious memory is for holding those thoughts and ideas that are most useful and relevant to NOW.  But…if you go 50-60 years without ever cleaning and sorting those things, some items are going to fall off the table and be “lost” or “forgotten”.  This is why folks think they lose their memory as they grow older.  Or have a “senior moment”.  But nothing is ever really lost or forgotten, it simply drops into the Unconscious memory stores.  So, conscious memory improves when we sort it out and choose to “forget” somethings.  The best technique is to forget all bad experiences and negative thoughts and beliefs.  By choosing to forget the negative we make more and more room for the positive.

So, when we first begin the hypnosis, I’m going to start by helping you to dump some memories and problems from your conscious mind by turning them over to the subconscious to sort.  Your subconscious will also find and create solutions for you that it will simply hand to you at a moment you least expect.  The solutions will be simpler than you ever thought possible and ready made and available at a moment’s notice, like the name of an old friend that suddenly pops into your head unexpectedly.

Before we get to that, though, I’ll ask you a series of random sounding questions.  There is no right or wrong to these questions.  This is just my way of listening to the language of your Subconscious and Unconscious.  Each person’s mind is wired a bit differently, and each person’s Other-Than-Conscious mind speaks a slightly different language.  These are like the language of dreams.  My job as guide and interpreter is to translate your instructions, goals, and needs into the language YOUR Subconscious understands best.  So just say whatever comes to mind when I ask the questions, it all helps me understand YOUR subconscious language.

The LAST thing I’ll mention is the hypnotic trance itself.  Turns out the hypnotic trance is a normal natural state that we all go into and out of throughout our day.  The most common time we enter a hypnotic trance is on the verge of deep sleep.  So if you’ve ever fallen asleep on the sofa when there are other people around, and you get to that point where your eyes are closed, you’re very relaxed, BUT you can still hear every word in the room around you?  Maybe someone talks to you or asks a question.  You can hear them perfectly, you may even have an answer ready….but you just feel like you can’t quite break out of that comfortable state to respond. 

We enter the Hypnotic Trance all the time.

We enter the Hypnotic Trance all the time.

THAT is a hypnotic trance.  Sometimes it may feel as if you’re floating or sinking deeply into the furniture.  Sometimes there’s a tingling sensation.  So that is how the hypnosis is going to feel today.  You may hear every word I say.  At times you may completely lose track of my words.  It doesn’t really matter if you stop listening, because once you reach that trance state your Subconscious and Unconscious are listening too, and that’s really who I’m talking with.  So its find to drift off, to lose track of my words, or to stop paying attention entirely.  You may even drift into a dream-like state or dip into deep sleep.  The only thing I ask you to avoid is TRYING.  Funny as it may sound, TRY is a conscious activity, and Conscious you needs to get out of the way for the hypnosis to work best.  Its kind of like when you wake up in the middle of the night and you want to go back to sleep…if you TRY really hard to sleep…why, you’ll be up all night.  But if you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and let your mind wander to some pleasant thoughts…you simply drift away.  This is how its done in hypnosis as well.  So, if you have the urge to TRY or WORK at it, just take a few deep breaths instead and listen to your breathing…or your heart beating.

Four Types of ‘Fear’

There are different kinds of feelings and experiences that most people (because they lack the true definitions) clump together into one big pot and call: FEAR.  This is a disservice to those folks who have experienced Phobias and PTSD and paranoia.  Because plain old fear is kind of fun and easy compared to the other biggies I’ve named.  Plain old fear can be mastered, confronted and handled in a variety of ways that make us feel good.  But when a friend or family member goes through some of the other more intense forms, it LOOKS like plain old fear – except that it can’t be handled or mastered the same way and then that person ends up looking and feeling kind of like a big wimpy baby.

So let me define some of the more intense and much less manageable experiences that the uninformed among us still like to group under the label “fear”.   Please learn from these explanations and stop making yourself or others feel wimpy or inadequate or cowardly.  Understand that what looks like fear can actually be something much much bigger.

1. True Fear

True fear is a sensation caused by chemical messages in your body when your subconscious has noticed something that you need to be aware of and prepared for.  The message says, “Look around! Get prepared!” Its not always a snake that we’re about to step on.  Sometimes its a test or a presentation.  But the solution is the same: pay attention and get prepared.

True fear is helpful and reasonable.

True fear is helpful and reasonable.

This is the GOOD healthy kind of fear that keeps us alive and improving!  We perk up.  We look around.  We see whats coming.  We prepare.  Then we feel something called “relief” as the fear chemical goes away.  We may even feel pride as we see what we’ve accomplished and we hit the endorphin high.  We feel a wave of calm and we feel victorious!  True Fear is the kind of real-time experience that cool people like to have for breakfast.  Makes you KNOW you’re alive!


2. Phobia

This is a nasty trick that people mistake for fear because the symptoms are so similar.  The hair stands up on the back of your neck, mouth goes dry, pupils constrict, heart pounds, hands tremble and so on.  It FEELS an awful lot like True Fear, but its NOT.  Because NO amount of alertness, preparation, or reason brings relief.  It makes us feel stupid.

The cause of a phobia is something really bad that happened in the past that either killed you (in which case the phobia comes from a past life) or nearly killed you when you were young and vulnerable.  So now there’s some small broken off piece of your soul hunkered down inside you screaming its head off, “DO NOT GO IN THE WATER! YOU WILL DIE!” Only this broken piece of you is stuck in the past.  The water will only wet you.  And all the loud warnings in your head just make you feel like a baby or a coward.

Phobia is NOT fear.

Phobia is NOT actually fear.


3. Paranoia

This is the real ball-breaker.  Paranoia is caused by damage to the amygdala – the fear and horror center of the brain. It has NO external cause whatsoever.  Which is a problem, because we’ve trained ourselves to look for real causes to fear sensations and there are absolutely NONE.

Amygdala is the fear center of the brain.

Amygdala is the fear center of the brain.

The cause of paranoia is basically brain damage.  The brain may be damaged by powerful drugs, by a blow to the head, or by brain growth.  Graduate students and other people who push themselves past the brain’s limits often experience a breakdown during which neurons of the brain are literally broken down and rebuilt.  A bout of paranoia can accompany the breaking down.  Teens, whose brains are undergoing dramatic changes as they move from children to adults may also experience bouts of paranoia. Brain growth is an excellent thing.  But few in our society are educated in how the (often painful) process happens.  Ignorance of this process continues to hurt many people and to limit or even stop their recovery.

So as we go through paranoia we may find ourselves curled up in fetal position, shaking uncontrollably, seeing and hearing things that may or may not be real.  Ordinary events take on massively dangerous overtones.  People frequently have periods of black out during which they forget hours or even days at a time.

I have experienced paranoia myself during periods of rapid brain growth.  Once, I actually noticed that sinister music would play in my head randomly at odd times.  I would hear that drop to a minor chord that you just KNOW means that you are the last teenager in camp and you’ve wandered away from the group and there’s a maniac psycho killer in the shadows about to pop out and make you die in humiliating, undignified ways, right?  THAT kind of music!



Still, there are actual advantages to having experienced genuine paranoia.  Paranoia is so random, causeless, and absurd that when you’ve gone through it a few times you can actually begin to separate yourself from the emotion of fear.  You notice that its just a random set of physical sensations without any real cause.  You can step outside the emotional experience of fear and say, “How odd that my hands are shaking.  Funny how rapidly my heart is beating for no reason.  Why does this sweat feel cold to me, yet my face feels hot and flushed?”

When you reach that point simple fear starts to feel like a joke!  Phobias are like a walk in the park.  Even the next bout of paranoia becomes like a great roller-coaster ride.  You feel it coming and you buckle down the safety bar.  You keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times.  On the first big hill you shout, “Woo-Hoo!” After a few turns you think, “How long is this stupid ride??” As you round the last few twists and turns you tighten your sphincter and try hard not to puke.  Then as it jerks into the station and slows to a stop you start to laugh like a maniac, slap some friends on the back and go check your shorts.  That is paranoia.

Paranoia roller-coaster.

Paranoia roller-coaster.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a special case that very few therapist even know how to sort out.  It can be debilitating but it doesn’t have to be permanent or incurable.  PTSD is similar to phobias in that it has a cause in the past (this life) and as with phobia the individual has suffered a painful emotional trauma that has broken off a piece of the soul.  However, PTSD is different in that the individual is forced to go back into the same situation that broke them over and over again.  Maybe its part of your job.  Maybe its someone in your home.  Maybe you live in a bad part of town.

Shattered spirit can be healed.

Shattered spirit can be healed.

Whatever it is you have to pull your broken parts together and face the risk of more trauma again and again.  So what happens is that broken part of you gets walled off in a room with no windows or doors.  Shut inside that small room that part of your spirit has no chance to heal or recover and now it cannot even be found.  The spirit does this because if its your job to face trauma, you cannot afford to have a phobic reaction that causes you to freeze and go fetal outside your workplace each morning. So the part gets isolated so that you can’t hear it screaming.

Our broken spirit gets locked down in PTSD.

Our broken spirit gets locked down in PTSD.

Instead of the typical phobic reaction, people with PTSD may simply experience gaps.  They often cannot remember the painful details of the traumatic event(s) because the memories are locked up with the broken shards of spirit.  They may quite simply be UNABLE to perform certain tasks or face certain situations.  Whenever they go into any situation that subconsciously reminds them of their trauma, they may experience an energy drain.  They may need time alone in a quiet familiar place after such experiences.  Because the traumatized part cannot heal, they may need quiet time after any sort of social or emotional stimulation.

PTSD can be healed and people can recover from any trauma no matter how deep.

PTSD can be healed and people can recover from any trauma no matter how deep.

What most folks, including many well-meaning therapists do NOT realize is that PTSD cannot be healed by force.   Traditional therapy says that talking about emotional trauma helps us to heal.  But this is the opposite of healing in cases of  PTSD.  Talking about the trauma actually introduces a new threat of trauma that can force the broken piece deeper into hiding.

Healing PTSD requires a gentle process of finding and opening locked rooms and then nurturing, and rehabilitating the broken shards.  In my practice, this happens quickly and almost unconsciously. Once the part has recovered then the person will spontaneously remember and want to talk about the damaging events…once.  From there, the memories can finally be put to rest, far at the back of the mind where the lessons are extracted but the experience itself becomes drained of its ability to cause pain ever again.  If a person continues to want to talk about their suffering, something has not been healed.

Remarkably, people who are able to recover from PTSD (or phobia, or paranoia) actually become stronger emotionally than the average.  Healing and rehabilitating their broken spirit creates a stability, a nobel depth of character and often a deep and resourceful cache of courage that unbroken people cannot attain.  Those who have been so harshly tested by life, with proper healing, become some of the strongest and most compassionate leaders among us.

If you know someone who has suffered trauma resulting in any of the more lasting forms of “fear” know that I am a therapist who can kindly and gently help them get their lives, and their spirits, back – whole and better than ever before.

2015 FTW!!

Here we are starting a brand new year!   And here I am ready to help YOU make it a great one!  You may have made resolutions in past years that didn’t stick, but not this time!  Let me break it down for you:

Studies have shown that only about 8-10% of people who make resolutions are successful.  (  Why is that?  Well, do the math!  The conscious mind makes up only 10% of the brain’s amazing power and ability.  That’s right!  That is the SAME 10% that led to the myth that humans are only using 10% of their brain.  And when the task measuring brain use involves concentration and focus (both Conscious activities) the myth is TRUE!  Well, friends, WILLPOWER is also a function of the Conscious mind.  So no matter how strong willed you are, its still only a 10% effort.

BUT, all is not lost!  Because your Subconscious mind makes up around 50-60% of your brain’s own WOW factor.  And your Unconscious taps into the remainder for a full 100% of  your amazing abilities!!!  (


So yes, the “we only use 10% of our brain” is a myth.  But not for the reasons this naysayer gives:  (really? would it hurt you to use some actual FACTS instead of just your arrogance?)   Scientists measured people’s brain impulses while they were doing challenging tasks & the brain only lit up (showing use) in regions making up 10%.  It was, of course, that same 10% that your conscious mind uses when doing new tasks.  With the help of this hypnotherapist the scientists could set up new studies with tasks that use the subconscious and they would show what that ‘other 90%’ is used for.  But I digress…

My MAIN POINT is that you, my friend, can make your New Years resolutions a reality by tapping into the powerful Subconscious and Unconscious mind!  It works like this: your Conscious mind is the part you identify as YOU.  So when you focus, try hard, or use will power, that’s all Conscious YOU.  But you have 2 powerful co-captains!  Subconscious YOU is just below the radar.  Its helping you out all the time by taking over detailed but routine tasks and doing them for you.  Subconscious YOU is what you might call your Auto-pilot.   So when you “zone out” while doing things, that is when your amazing Subconscious takes over.  Just think how much easier it would be if you could exercise on auto-pilot!  (click on the pic below for more!)

NY Weight Loss

Unconscious YOU is much deeper. Generally, it is well below the conscious radar.  Unconscious You controls the beating of your heart, the digesting of your food, the healing and rebuilding of every cell and system in your body.  If you can work with Unconscious YOU, you could even find out why you’ve been gaining weight and fix it, heal disease better and faster, or access the unlimited memory stores to solve problems at the speed of thought.  When the Unconscious takes over and helps you out, it can often FEEL like someone else has gotten control of your mind.  If you freak out and grapple for control – then you end up right back to using only 10% of the mighty, mighty YOU.  If you stay relaxed and go with the flow, it can feel like MAGIC!  Success is fun and easy all of a sudden!

So here’s one last point.  You don’t get to the 100% by being a control freak.  Or by trying real hard. Or by willpower.  YOU get there by relaxing, by trusting the other parts of YOU – Subconscious & Unconscious.  You get there by realizing these other parts of your mind ARE YOU, with your happiness & your best interest at heart.  You get there by kicking back, zoning out, and riding the mighty wave of you own whole brain power.  That’s right!  YOU are far greater than you’ve been lead to believe!  Far greater than you’ve even yet allowed yourself to become!

With a relaxed mind and body YOU, my friend, can tap into a 100% WIN this year and I can help you!!!   In this article and on links are several great MONEY SAVING offers to help you get started on the way to a GREAT NEW YEAR & an even greater NEW YOU!  Cash in!!

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Why the New Epidemics Require a New Immunity

The old paradigm for the immune system describes a war in which our immune systems build weaponry, fight, and destroy any incoming life forms. But that old analogy isn’t working in the face of so many new epidemics, like Ebola, SARS, and AIDS, to name just a few. In recent years many new forms of disease have emerged that seem to be mutating and becoming more virulent so rapidly that our old style immune systems cannot keep pace.

To understand why, consider what happens when a country is invaded by an enemy and goes to war on their own land. The outcome is rarely positive. Even if the invaded country can repel the invaders, the infrastructure, the economy, and the people of the country are left devastated & drained of resources. If a new enemy should suddenly invade at that time, the country will, no doubt, succumb to the revenges of war and go down.

Imagine this country is your body and the invading enemies are various forms of disease. If you should sustain an attack of flu this winter, you will have precious few resources left to defend yourself against Ebola. The future looks bleak.

Now consider, if you will, a different sort of paradigm. Suppose your immune system were the recruiters for a championship team. Suppose every newcomer was a potential new recruit. Instead of trying to kill these newcomers on sight, what if your body were meeting them, making introductions and then giving them a little job to do for the good of the team?

Those newcomers who learned the job well became new team members. Outfitted with the team shirt and cap, they are then asked to improve on the job they had just learned to do. Now the newcomers are teaching us how to run our bodies more efficiently and effectively. They are now a valued member of the team and have a vested interest in the well being of the whole. Rather than expending our limited resources waging war, we are increasing our resources and power with each new recruit who joins the team.

Wouldn’t that system work much better? Of course it would, you say, but that’s not the way the immune system functions. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. In the first place the “Us & Them” war mentality is just an old mental concept. We interpreted the function of our immune system in those terms because that was all our minds could understand at the time. Now we can begin to grasp a different paradigm.

Then there’s the second place. In the second place, everything we believe and conceive we are telling our bodies daily in our “self talk”. (see blog: Positive Self Talk) By indoctrinating our bodies into our belief system we convince them to operate the way we think they should. If we can begin to embrace a new paradigm, we can quite literally build a new immune system, an immune system that can survive epidemic after epidemic and actually come out stronger than before.

We are no longer faced with the impossible task of hiding from all exposure to microbes.  Rather than fearing exposure to new diseases we should be strengthening our overall constitution and then seeking out new microbe exposure.  A strong team starts with a strong liver, for processing toxins, strong kidneys for cleaning the blood, and a strong mental attitude of “Win-Win”.  There is no room for an outdated “Us & Them” philosophy.  There are no walls big enough or strong enough to keep “Them” out.  But with a process that integrates all newcomers into Team Us, there is a way to live in peace, both within our bodies and in the greater world at large.

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How to Build a New Winning Immunity

How to Build a New Winning Immunity

New Method of Teaching WORKS! Here’s Proof:

I have just completed two rounds of research on my new methods of classroom teaching.  The proof is shown in the graphs below.  The process is based on using the way the mind learns new data best – subconsciously. This below the radar learning happens FAST.  It happens EASILY and its FUN.  The graphs below show how mixed level groups of high school students were able to raise their scores from ALL F’s to mostly A’s inside ABOUT 10 MINUTES!

Ever seen that before?  I daresay you haven’t!  Think about what it means in the classroom.  Teachers can introduce new material and inside about 15 minutes students are ready for higher order thinking activities like discussions, debates, creative new applications, hands on activities, etc.  Using this method teachers can now hope to COVER ALL LEARNING OBJECTIVES in time for those standardized tests.

Now think about what this means to students.  Since teachers can raise the knowledge level of the WHOLE CLASS in 10-15 minutes the class stays together & moves forward together and quite literally NO CHILD GETS LEFT BEHIND. What if ALL students in your class could pass?  What if they ALL passed their standardized tests?  What if they ALL stopped hating school and started to LOVE LEARNING?  What if they ALL went on to live happy productive lives contributing to their communities?  WOULD THAT BE OK??

YES!  That is what I’m offering in this series of Professional Development Workshops!

How much money goes into Professional Development every year at your school?  How much of that goes into methods that have been PROVEN TO WORK?  I’d guess not much.  The technique that resulted in an AVERAGE INCREASE of 54 PERCENTAGE POINTS IN 10-15 MINUTES is only one in a series of teaching  tools I am offering to schools, administrators, and teachers beginning THIS FALL.

154 students of all levels were tested MOST went from F to A in 10 minutes!

154 students of all levels were tested MOST went from F to A in 10 minutes!

But are these scores typical?  YES!!  The graph below is a different set of students and different topic material.  But LOOK! the results are repeating themselves.  Only the METHOD is the same.

A group of 74 students tested using different material but SAME METHOD of teaching.

A group of 74 students tested using different material but SAME METHOD of teaching.

More results coming soon!

Tolley Thompson of Clear Mirror Learning