The Game FAQ

Here to go along with the Timelines Game (click this link: The Game ) are some Q&A from gamers.  Feel free to post or email/message/text me with any questions of your own day or night.

1) Firstly:  YES, The Game is real.  You are NOT going mad.  You can play the game in your sleep but at some level you will become conscious of your gaming.  If it rocks your world, please reach out!  I am very familiar with the flexible reality/time you may experience and can help you find grounding.     (, )

two realities

2) How can I reconcile the two realities?
Part of the work of timelines is to experiment with possible solutions. So once you find some strategies that work out well they get woven in to Real Time…the tricky thing is that they can be woven into past present or future. I’m actually discovering that the wise voice that pulled me thru difficult times in my past was ME now(!), going back to me of the past and whispering the encouragement or reassurance or insight that I needed then. That’s a bit mind-blowing. But also very comforting.
So that’s me taking your question “reconcile” literally.
3) If you mean, how to keep myself from losing touch with THIS reality?
I’d say, write yourself notes, post-its on your mirror or texts to self on your cell. Telling others (like me) also helps. Shoot! just hearing yourself say it out loud helps you pick good sense out of the confusion. But be sure NOT to write down or tell too many folks bits that don’t work out for the best. Other people acknowledging your experiences also anchors it in their timeline, their reality…and makes it harder to eliminate from Real Time.
Example: I actually found a major cause for Hitler’s genocide in WWII and could have eliminated it. But since so many people remember & it’s recorded in history, it can’t be changed much. Imagine my disappointment and frustration?
So, mostly tell the parts you want to keep, those moves that produce good results without hurting others. You can tell me anything because I’m used to the reality-time shifts.
Angels, guides, team

Angels, guides, team

4) Do you believe in asking spirit guides, angels, etc for help? 
Yes, I do it all the time. They are real people too.  BUT please keep in mind that YOU (humans) are the most powerful of all such beings. Everyone needs friends and team for sure. Just be careful not to slip into worship or reaching outside yourself believing others are more capable. They are friends & equals who are not as bounded by time as humans. But they are just as capable of being wrong, jealous, mischievous or even evil…just as other humans are. Rely on YOUR OWN judgment and check things for accuracy. 
5) What are your thoughts on how free will plays into our paths we are walking?
Excellent question!
A world of real peace is only possible in a world of free choice, free thinkers, and self-determination. So you ARE making your choices using the timelines. The limiting factor, of course, is other people and their choices. Which, again, gets into how and when the experimental timelines get woven together into the path called Real Time. The great advantage of timelines as a semiconscious game, is that we can experiment and learn without hurting others. And once we chose our best paths we can eliminate or “forget” those things that hurt us too much.
 6) What if I get stuck in a loop?
It’s worth noting:  Doing harm whether intentional or not (ie evil) as a human is very damaging to your personal power. (It’s damaging to everyone but especially dangerous as a human.) You can actually destroy any good fortune you must have accumulated in order to be born human by repeating actions and strategies that cause harm to self or others.  Let’s face it – everyone makes mistakes.  Mistakes are the proof that you are trying NEW things & NEW strategies.  BUT mistakes are your best lessons only IF you learn from them & stop doing dumb destructive stuff.  Don’t get so proud or arrogant that you can’t laugh at your own mistakes, learn from everyone you encounter, pick yourself and your bruised ego up and try something new.  And NO MATTER WHAT do NOT fall into the mentality of “but that’s what we’ve always done.”  That, my friend, is the theme song of evil.
So, if you’re stuck in a loop on the Timelines, it’s because you’ve fallen into the pattern of repeating a strategy or action that is NOT producing results to move you forward.  No matter HOW “right” it seems or how many people advise or endorse that pattern…you are proving to YOURSELF that it’s a nonsense strategy.  It will NOT ever produce the results you want.  If you stay in that loop its like beating your head against a wall..or actually like getting caught in a “hole” in whitewater rafting terms.  You can literally die being battered against those rocks.  So, stop, step out of the pattern, gather resources and come up with a new plan or strategy.  Then engrave upon your heart, mind and psyche, DO NOT TRY THAT AGAIN!  and move on.

7) I read in one of your blogs how you can sometimes see a potential train wreck coming.  I hope you would tell me to jump off the tracks if this is one of those times? Or maybe that is what you are already doing?
   I think you’re handling this very well. I don’t see any big train wrecks for you. Just my cautions about keeping “one foot on the floor” …ie making notes and talking to others to keep from losing track of what matters for day-to-day functioning. Sleep, wash self, eat, work..repeat.
8)  What are the order of levels (worlds) within each level?
Hell, Hunger, Anger, Animality, Humanity, Heaven, Learning, Realization, Bodhisattva, Enlightenment.
Each has its own set of challenges.  But the learning is key.  And the learning is different depending on which numbered Level you are in.
Hell = suffering (mostly of your own creation) Clearly, a good place to learn to STOP creating your own hell.
Hunger = desire or greed or neediness…And learning how to delay gratification and use desire to drive accomplishments.
Anger = you know…Important to avoid, but more important to process it, vent it, use it as a drive to take appropriate action.  On higher levels your anger may not be over petty annoyances, but over injustice suffered by other people.
Animality = the state in which you kiss up to folks you perceive as “more powerful” and bully those you see as “less powerful” like a dog-eat-dog world.  It’s a good place to learn about what real power is & how to handle it too.
Humanity = getting along socially with others, usually pretty easy-going.  But it’s also a great place to learn social skills as well as sort out social norms and values that don’t make sense.
Heaven = Joy…not true and lasting happiness, but the experience of joy.  How to handle winning, applause, praise & compliments…without becoming arrogant or getting blown away is learned here.
Learning = the formal act of seeking answers, better solutions, study, etc.  This level is a lot of fun.  But you won’t really anchor the learning without going to the next level…
Realization = This is where the rubber meets the road!  Where you apply your learning to your life or experiment with the things you’ve learned while creating even better strategies and processes.
Bodhisattva = Can I say the rubber and road thing again?  ok, no…this is where you really build team.  You share your learning and realization and/or help others to solve their problems based on what you’ve learned, and even help others to reach the level where you are so you can go on from here as partners or team mates!
Enlightenment = Here all the many levels of learning come together.  You and your team have time to discuss and reflect and celebrate.  From here you can move to the next set of learning (Level 2,3,4…) or you can choose to help more people in the Bodhisattva level as long as you like.  On the higher levels you can also cross into other people’s timelines from here.
8) What if I FAIL?
Actually, the Timelines are self-limiting and adapt to the learner so that you cannot really “fail” you can only get stuck until you wise up and choose to learn and move forward. Like all good games, if you screw up on one level you will drop back a level or two and have to work your way up again.  Everyone generally starts on Level One.  But you can screw it up and drop down to Kindergarten.  Each level has ten levels within it…beginning with Hell.
So, while Kindergarten Hell can suck, it’s also absurd and comical enough that you learn to laugh at your own mistakes real fast…and usually remember those lessons well.  Once, some ne’er-do-well’s created or found what they called the “back door to hell” but it turns out they were landing in Real Time in an actual place where people act like kindergarteners from Hell even though they think they’re all grown up.  People there actually justify their insane non-functional behavior by saying, “But, that’s the way we’ve always done it.” and if you point out, “And it’s NEVER worked.” they will only laugh and keep doing it the dumb way.  As you might imagine, there is a lot of drug and alcohol abuse there, a lot of crime and violence, and a lot of misery and suffering.  Sadly, you CAN actually burn out your life force and cease to exist if you stay there and embrace that way of “life”.
So, DON’T.  Learn and level up. Don’t be a dummy. That’s what the Game is for and about!